Young activists join political leaders for a People’s Vote rally for the North East - People's Vote

Young activists join political leaders for a People’s Vote rally for the North East

Details have been announced today of politicians, activists and campaigners who will speak at the rally for a People’s Vote in Newcastle this Saturday (August 25). 

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable MP will join MPs from the North East and young activists who are speaking out to demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. Emily Chapman, Vice President of National Union of Students, will be on the stage in Newcastle. Her role in charge of further education for NUS means she will be able to share the concerns of students across the North East and their demands for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

She will be joined by co-founder of Our Future Our Choice, Will Dry, who recognises the impact Brexit will have on the futures of young people in particular and the need for young people to have a say.
Labour MPs Phil Wilson and Anna Turley will team up to speak at the People’s Vote Rally. Phil Wilson is Labour MP for Sedgefield in County Durham, while Anna Turley represents Redcar in North Yorkshire.
They are expected to tell a capacity crowd that Brexit is a bad deal which is being dumped on the doorsteps of people across the North East, but that people can take back control by demanding a People’s Vote on the final deal.
Also among the speakers announced today are leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, and Kieran Cutting, supporter of For our Futures Sake and PHD student at Newcastle University.

Emily Chapman, Vice-President of National Union of Students, who will be speaking at the rally, said:

“The students that I represent have the most at risk after Brexit and have grown increasingly nervous about their futures. The stakes are high, and we now know that vital EU funding will be at risk. The Brexit negotiations have long ceased to be tragedy and is clearly little more than a farce, and it’s hardly a surprise that many so students and young people have lost faith in their outcome. 

“That’s why I think it’s important to speak in Newcastle on August 25 to join people across the North East calling for a People’s Vote. Whether you voted leave or remain in the referendum, we all agree Brexit is too big a deal to leave to politicians in Westminster. That’s why we need a final say on the Brexit deal through a People’s Vote.”


Editor’s Notes:
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1.        A rally of people calling for a People’s Vote will be held at The Assembly Rooms, Fenkle Street, NE1 5XU. More information and ticket information can be found here:

Speakers will include:
1. Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar

2.  Phil Wilson, Labour MP for Sedgefield

3. Vince Cable MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats

4. Will Dry, Co-Founder of Our Future Our Choice (OFOC)

5. Emily Chapman, Vice President For our Futures Sake (FFS)

6. Kieran Cutting, Supporter of For our Futures Sake (FFS)

2.        About People’s Vote: The People's Vote campaign is supported by nine campaign group seeking to ensure that the government's Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote so that we can decide if a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse off. Good deal or bad deal, it's definitely a big deal - and that's why it should be put to a People's Vote.