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Wilson – Corbyn statement welcome but Labour must campaign for a People’s Vote

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on Brexit, Phil Wilson, Labour MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s public insistence that the next Conservative Prime Minister put any Brexit proposal to a final say referendum, where we will all have the chance to stay in the EU, is a positive step forward for Labour. It is an outrage that Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt believe this decision can be confined to the 0.25% of the population who are Conservative members. It must be for the people to decide our future and give their explicit consent for a specific form of Brexit in a People’s Vote.

“But one email to Labour members and a press release do not make a campaign. Labour has the chance to speak up for its values and to channel the growing anger in the country about the negation of democracy that is being imposed on us all. Our voters and our members will not tolerate further confusion or foot-dragging. Instead, we now need to join together with all those from across the political spectrum who have long since been demanding that the people get the final say on Brexit.

“This is about the single biggest issue facing our country for a generation and I hope now that Labour will be at the forefront of a campaign to face down this attempt to shut the country out of a decision that will affect our economy,  our communities and our children’s futures for decades to come.

“If Labour fails to lead at this crucial moment, or falls back into silence on Brexit, then the anger currently felt about the plans to exclude the people from deciding on our future will turn too on our party - and the dismay which fed the disastrous European Parliamentary election results will sink roots that will strangle any hope of winning of the next General Election.”