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Williams – Brexit already putting medical supplies at risk

The European Medicines Agency has said 39 medicines are on its Brexit watch list.

On the day the UK government is publishing a further round of ‘no deal’ Brexit warnings, the cross-Europe regulator – which is based in the UK but which will leave for the Netherlands if Brexit takes place – says 25 of the 39 medicines are for human consumption and the other 6 are for veterinary use. They warn all could be in short supply after Brexit.

These supply issues are about supply of UK manufactured and regulated medicines across the EU. Similar issues will apply in the UK.


Dr Paul Williams MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote, said:

“Brexit is scheduled to happen in barely six months and yet still the supply of vital medicines is threatened with disruption.

“Nobody voted to put medical supplies at risk. Nobody voted for the exodus of doctors and nurses Brexit has provoked.

“There is a way out of this looming disaster and that is a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.”



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