Williams – Bad news from motor industry is only the start if Brexit deal passed - People's Vote

Williams – Bad news from motor industry is only the start if Brexit deal passed

Today has seen warnings from four of the UK’s biggest motor manufactures – BMW, Toyota, PSA and Rolls Royce – about the impact of Brexit on investment and production, while it has been speculated that Nissan are about to cut production at Sunderland.

Commenting, Dr Paul Williams MP, whose Stockton South constituency contains Nifco, a major supplier to Nissan, said:

“The succession of bad news from the motor industry today shows the scale of the damage Brexit is already wreaking on our economy - and it is only just beginning.

“Forcing Theresa May’s deal on the British people won’t settle anything. All it guarantees is successive British governments will be going back and forth to Brussels in endless wrangling about product standards, customs duties, workers’ rights, emission limits, rules of origin – the list is endless.

“The Prime Minister’s blindfold Brexit provides no clarity and no closure for business or anyone else. All the major decisions have been postponed until after we’re due to leave the EU, when the UK will be in an even weaker negotiating position than now. Any deal on these terms will merely be the starting gun on arguments that will not stop for years or decades to come.

“Only a new public vote with the option to stay in can secure investment in the future of automotive – above all in electric vehicles – with the certainty and stability that the Prime Minister’s creaking proposal can never provide.”