Williams – Another Johnson promise falls apart - People's Vote

Williams – Another Johnson promise falls apart

Commenting on the Government being forced to admit that most of the money announced for the NHS today was not new, Dr Paul Williams MP, GP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson’s biggest problem is that no one trusts a word he says about anything. On Brexit that is rooted in his promise to spend £350 million extra a week on the NHS financed by Brexit. It was never an honest pledge, but Boris Johnson has never cared much for honesty, only for whatever will get him through the next political or personal crisis.

“Today’s announcement of spending on the NHS fits that pattern. Hastily cobbled together it was focused on answering a short-term need for some personal credibility, not on actually addressing any real problems the NHS has.

“It has now fallen apart in record time, just as all his other pledges, predictions and promises on Brexit are also crumbling to dust – some slowly, some quickly, but all inevitably.

“Instead of doing everything he can to stop the people having  the final say on whatever comes out of the Brexit crisis, Boris Johnson should let us be heard, give us a People’s Vote and trust the people to make the right choice on our future.”