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Williams – £490 million Brexit costs for NHS would be “reckless mistake”

The Royal College of Physicians have today (Wednesday) published a blog from their incoming president, Dr Andrew Goddard, that warns any sort of Brexit could cost the NHS £490 million a year in visa costs for EU employees.

Commenting, Dr Paul Williams MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign and NHS GP, said:

“Whatever sort of Brexit the Government deliver – the one that Theresa May wants, or the one that Jacob Rees Mogg seeks – it seems certain to damage an NHS that the Royal College of Physicians says is already at ‘breaking point’ because of staff shortages.

“As the RCP say, our NHS relies on the contribution of our colleagues from across the EU, and threatening that would be a needlessly reckless mistake, yet that seems just what the Government wants to do.

“Nobody voted to threaten the NHS in this way, and that is why so many who work in the NHS are now demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”