Willetts – Conservatives should “trust the people” over a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Willetts – Conservatives should “trust the people” over a People’s Vote

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech at Conservative Party conference, Lord (David) Willetts, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The problem with Brexit is not the Prime Minister, who is genuine in her desire to unite the country.  Instead, the problem is that, with less than six months to go it will be impossible to deliver a Brexit deal that comes close to matching all the promises that were made, let alone one that is in the “national interest”. And the more the Government focuses on the demands of the ERG, the wider the gap will get between what was promised and what will be achievable.

“The Prime Minister spent a long time taking about a People's Vote because she knows it is getting more likely by the day. It is the pragmatic and democratic response to a crisis created by the way she has been forced to negotiate Brexit proposals with ideologues in her own party rather than in the national interest. If the only deal on offer is a bad one for the UK, it would be a mistake to insist that it is implemented without continuing popular consent. 'Trust the People' is the greatest of Conservative slogans and one we should remember in the testing weeks to come.”