Whitfield – UK Labour should now follow Scots’ lead - People's Vote

Whitfield – UK Labour should now follow Scots’ lead

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has announced a radical repositioning of the party’s approach to a People’s Vote: saying Scottish Labour will support a new public vote on any form of Brexit and that the party must campaign for the UK to stay in Europe.

The announcement was made after the party slumped to just 9% in last week’s European elections.


Commenting, Martin Whitfield, Labour MP for East Lothian and a leading supporter of the People’s vote campaign, said:

“This is a welcome commitment from Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.

“Every day, more voices join the campaign for a People’s Vote to give the public a final say on Brexit.

“The pledge from Scottish Labour to fight to stay in the EU sends a powerful signal to the rest of the Labour movement, and Jeremy Corbyn should now make a similar commitment.”