Wednesday 9 October 2019 - People's Vote

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Morning Briefing: Ireland sceptical over potential for last-minute Brexit deal as blame game begins

Boris Johnson's attempt to shift the blame for his failure to deliver on his Brexit promises is now in full swing. With his unworkable proposals having been rejected by the EU, No 10 sought to vilify Angela Merkel, inciting a predictably depressing response on social media. 

Donald Tusk hit back at the "stupid blame game”, but it’s clear this is now the Government's only strategy. They are actively pursuing No Deal, seeking to blame everyone else for the chaos they are creating, and laying the groundwork for what they want to be a bitter and divisive "people vs Parliament" general election campaign.

BREAKING: The BBC report that Boris Johnson is to recall Parliament for an emergency session on Brexit on October 19. Our historic march on the same day couldn't be more important. Sign up here.

Ireland sceptical over potential for last-minute Brexit deal as blame game begins

The general consensus around Westminster, Brussels and Fleet Street last night is that the Johnson proposals are almost dead. It’s not over yet as the Prime Minister talked to his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar for 40 minutes and the pair agreed to meet this week, possibly in Liverpool.

But Mr Varadkar confirmed that a deal would be “very difficult”, saying: “Essentially what the United Kingdom has done is repudiated the deal that we negotiated in good faith with Prime Minister May’s government over two years and have sort put half of that now back on the table and are saying that’s a concession. And of course it isn’t really.”

Number 10’s briefings, which included a disputed account of Johnson’s telephone argument with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, have grown the lack of trust between Johnson and EU leaders. And a number of Cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs are concerned about the party going into any election with No Deal as a manifesto commitment , which is what the Spectator briefing asserted.

Leading People's Vote supporter Margaret Beckett MP commented: “The Brexit crisis has now reached a dangerous new phase – Boris Johnson has effectively decided to collapse talks with the EU and instead head at full speed towards a disastrous No Deal."

Only a People's Vote can now resolve this stalemate. Join us to let your voice be heard at our massive London march on Saturday October 19.

UK science will be "dead" thanks to No Deal, say Nobel prizewinners

Two Nobel prize winners and a host of other top scientists yesterday accused Boris Johnson of destroying Britain’s global reputation and warned No Deal would leave UK science “dead” for years.

There is “zero chance” of the UK joining the £89 billion research funding programme Horizon Europe after No Deal, with leading geneticist and Crick Institute director Sir Paul Nurse saying “colleagues abroad think the UK has lost its senses. Our reputation has plummeted.”

Fellow Nobel prizewinner Sir Andre Geim said that No Deal would be “like a severe drought for an orchard. You can’t expect to have a harvest after watering it again next year. All the trees are already dead.”

Former Commission research chief Robert-Jan Smits said it’s all about trust and if  Johnson leaves “slamming the door and saying ‘Up yours!’ the chances of an association on science are not close to zero, they are zero.”

Tactical voting for a People's Vote vital as people shift from old party loyalties

Last month, the People’s Vote campaign launched our online tactical voting hub to give voters a clear-eyed view of who to back in the event of a general election to support a final say referendum.

You can check out the tool here as a new study reveals that half of people are now floating voters.

The latest edition of the British Election Study shows that over the past three elections, 49% of voters did not vote for the same party each time.

One of the authors Professor Edward Fieldhouse said it would be unwise for any political party or commentator to presume how voters will behave in a general election: “But we do expect to see big shifts defined largely by Brexit.”

We will continue to advocate tactical voting to support those candidates who understand that a People’s Vote is the only solution to this political crisis.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"Before we potentially relegate ourselves as a country, I think maybe we should think again and check to see if this is really what people want"

Former Liverpool and England football legend Jamie Carragher makes a passionate call for a People's Vote. 

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Brass against Brexit will perform tomorrow at 5.30pm in Parliament Square, when a large group of professional brass and percussion musicians will meet and perform for an hour, with a distinguished conductor and trumpet soloist. More information, click here.

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