Wednesday 24 April 2019 - People's Vote

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Morning Briefing: We are not a party – but the solution to national crisis

We are not a party – but the solution to national crisis

Lots of people are asking us why we can't run our own candidates or at least co-ordinate parties better in these European elections. The short answer is that we're a campaign, not a political party. We are a movement that believes that a People's Vote is the solution to the political crisis that Britain is in.

It would be wrong and inappropriate for us to tell parties how to work together in an election period, who to select, or indeed, for us to tell people which specific party to vote for in any region or nation.

What we offer all political parties is a solution to the Brexit crisis. And we will be supportive of those parties that have a manifesto commitment in these elections for the public to have a final say on Brexit. We will be fighting hard to persuade all party leaders to sign up to that commitment and, of course, we will continue to make our case for People's Vote while conforming to electoral rules.

In the campaign itself, we know our activists will be out in force, making sure people register to vote and persuading them to use it in these elections.

A People’s Vote is not one of the options to solve the crisis: it is the solution to the crisis that we find ourselves in. Giving the public the final say is ultimately the only way to deliver a stable settlement that can command the confidence of both Parliament and the country.

The extra time agreed between the UK and EU leaders has given us the space needed to navigate a democratic way forward out of ever-deepening national humiliation and endless political deadlock.

More Conservatives backing People’s Vote, says Tory MP

Facing internal political revolt and an increasingly factionalised parliamentary party, Downing Street is trying to shore up support by suggesting both that it could bring forward the Withdrawal Agreement in legislative form, whilst at the same time hinting to other MPs that it could revive a no-deal Brexit in the form of the so-called Malthouse Compromise, an unworkable backbench proposal for avoiding the Irish backstop which has been repeatedly rejected by the EU

The first option ignores the reality of arithmetic in the Commons, the second ignores the fact that the Withdrawal Agreement is the only option that will be contemplated by the EU27 countries if Brexit is to happen with any sort of deal.

Commenting, Guto Bebb, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 'The Prime Minister was right when she ruled out a ‘no deal’ Brexit and it is disappointing to see some in Downing Street trying to revive it for reasons of party management.

'When it comes to the future of our economy and our security relationship with our European allies, the national interest must always be put ahead of party interests.

'Support for a People’s Vote is continuing to grow, including inside the Conservative Party. It would be neither fair nor reasonable to force a particular form of Brexit on the public without them being consulted when it is inevitable that whatever that Brexit is, it will be a million miles away from what was promised in the referendum.'

Blame game begins over Government-Labour talks stalemate

First day back after Easter and frustration grew between Conservative and Labour leaders over the slow progress of compromise cross-party talks. Theresa May's spokesman said: “The PM said discussions with Labour had been serious but had also been difficult in some areas, such as in relation to the timetable for the negotiations."

The clear implication was that the PM thinks Labour is dragging its feet over the talks, while Corbyn said: “Quite honestly there’s got to be change in the government’s approach. They cannot keep on just regurgitating what has already been emphatically rejected three times by parliament, there’s got to be a change. We have a window of opportunity to bring about that change.”

Talks are due to resume this week.


It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“A rare silver-lining to come out of the disastrous Brexit process is a new willingness among MPs to co-operate beyond traditional tribal loyalties.'

Labour MP David Lammy on new initiative More United which brings together more than 50 MPs to work on 'issues ignored by Brexit', talking in HuffPostUK.


Video of the Day 

Former BBC journalist Gavin Esler was unveiled as a European election candidate for ChangeUK and spoke passionately about how Britain's political system has become a worldwide joke.

Gavin Esler

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Tweet of the Day

An exhibition on Brexit by young artists will be held at Goldsmith's University, South East London this evening.


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Looking forward…

Today, Wednesday 24th April 

- Cross-party talks between government and Labour to continue
- Prime Ministers' Questions in the House