Wednesday 17 July 2019 - People's Vote

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Morning Briefing: The stakes are getting higher as No Deal rhetoric is ramped up

Boris Johnson has declared he isn’t interested in renegotiating Theresa May’s deal and is even planning to bypass Parliament to impose his destructive vision for Brexit on the people of our country. There is real risk that we will now stumble over a Brexit cliff-edge. As People's Vote campaigner Dominic Grieve said yesterday, it’s astonishing that we have reached this point. By-passing Parliament would be unconstitutional. And the whole process is now deeply undemocratic.

We can still turn away from this danger and find a democratic way out of this crisis through a People's Vote. On Friday, the people of the East Midlands have the chance to Let Us Be Heard with our protest rally in Derby. Get your tickets here.

The stakes are getting higher as No Deal rhetoric is ramped up

The stakes are getting higher by the day. With each pronouncement from Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, the reality of No Deal gets closer, the “red lines” being drawn tighter and tighter like a noose.

Johnson has been sweeping options off the table, ruling out an extension of Article 50, a general election or any renegotiation of the backstop. Which leaves the UK on course for No Deal. To force it through, Johnson is reportedly planning to suspend - prorogue - Parliament just before the deadline.

Yesterday, we laid out how only a People’s Vote can provide the solution to end this political crisis with the release of our special report Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out.

Leading People’s Vote supporter Dominic Grieve hit out at Johnson for declaring he wasn’t interested in Theresa May’s deal and hinting that he may bypass Parliament to impose his “destructive vision” for Brexit. “There is a real risk that we will now stumble over a Brexit cliff-edge.” He suggests that the only option for MPs to block No Deal may be to bring down the government.

Both Ireland and EU politicians, including new Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, have indicated that they will not renegotiate the Irish backstop, setting up a clash between the many MPs who are dead-set against a disastrous No Deal and fanatical Brexiters.

The Conservative chair of the Northern Ireland committee Simon Hoare, speaking on TV yesterday, said getting rid of the backstop was a “very dangerous step”, saying both candidates had “moved the goalposts”. There are a growing number of Conservative politicians indicating the same view. More opponents of No Deal within the government will soon be free to express their view from the backbenches.

Pragmatic Conservative MPs will have to vote for something. None have advocated a general election, which could be disastrous for their party. Many know that No Deal would be a catastrophic outcome. So the attractiveness of a People’s Vote as the only viable route will grow.

The fight is on. In this long, hot summer of protest, join us in the People’s Vote campaign to ensure that not only our voices are heard, but that No Deal is blocked.

To understand how the different Brexit options are unworkable and only a People's Vote can solve the crisis, click here to read and share our report Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out.

Pound plunges to 27-month low after Johnson's hustings pledge

The pronouncements from Johnson and Hunt have already ensured that your summer holiday and petrol will be more expensive as the pound has crashed on the news that a dangerous No Deal is more likely.

The value of the pound plunged yesterday to a 27-month low on the back of Boris Johnson’s hardening of his support for No Deal, in a move designed to strengthen his appeal to the 160,000 Conservative members – just 0.25% of the population.

With No Deal, British trade would inevitably be hit hard and with less demand to pay British exporters, the external value of the pound will fall. Yesterday’s slump on the exchanges was merely the markets pricing in that downturn in advance.

The fall comes after three months in which the pound has taken a battering. In April, £1 bought €1.16, but today buys €1.11, while the pound has dropped against the dollar from $1.31 to $1.25.

It’s a forerunner of the crisis that the UK will face if we end up with a destructive No Deal.

US trade deal may hit the buffers due to Good Friday agreement concerns

The promise of an all-encompassing trade deal with the US, as Boris Johnson bows down to President Donald Trump, may not be as easy has been claimed.

Not only is International Trade secretary Liam Fox warning that it may take some time, but US Democrat senator Chris Murphy, who sits on the foreign relations committee, suggested Trump is going to find it tough to get a deal through Congress.

It seems that some US politicians take the Good Friday agreement and Irish peace more seriously than do many around Boris Johnson.

“The United States has interests that we want to protect throughout the Brexit process, and there is bipartisan consensus against blowing up the Good Friday agreement which has maintained stability in Northern Ireland for over 20 years.”

The drive towards a destructive No Deal carries consequences everywhere and it is time to Let Us Be Heard and push hard for a People’s Vote to avoid the political and economic chaos.

Join Let Us Be Heard rally in Derby on Friday

This Friday join People's Vote supporters in the East Midlands at our Let Us Be Heard rally in Derby. To get your tickets for the event, click here

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt want to impose a hard Brexit, or even a destructive No Deal on us, without giving us the final say. That won’t just threaten jobs in the car industry, steel or financial services, it will hit ordinary families hard by trashing the value of the pound and sending the price of everything from petrol at the pumps to two weeks at Disneyland soaring.

“It is not democratic, not fair and not legitimate for this decision to be only in the hands of the 0.25% of the population who are members of the Conservative Party. With so much at stake for all of us, then the decision must be in the hands of the people with a final say referendum."

People's Vote campaigner Wes Streeting MP points out the effect on ordinary families after the Conservative leadership candidates loose words hit the pound.

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The latest FFS Another Brexit podcast is released today with special guest, influencer Lucy Moon.

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