Watson – Tonight has shown growing support for Kyle-Wilson compromise - People's Vote

Watson – Tonight has shown growing support for Kyle-Wilson compromise

Commenting on the results of tonight’s indicative votes, Tom Watson MP, the deputy leader of the Labour Party and a supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Parliament has finally begun to confront the painful choices that need to be made about Brexit.

“As an MP for a constituency that voted Leave in 2016, I have come to realise that the reality of Brexit will make many British people deeply disappointed and disillusioned. 

“I’m proud that the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs have tonight joined together with those from all sides to back compromise proposals for a confirmatory public vote on the final deal. 

“The majority of MPs and the British people do not want the Prime Minister’s broken Brexit deal. Nor do either the public or Parliament back crashing out of the EU without a deal. Tonight has shown there is growing support for our compromise solution and that any new way forward will require enough time to be properly negotiated and scrutinised.  

“When this Parliament has finally made a decision on what Brexit means, I am hopeful that a majority will emerge for any final proposal to be put to a vote, not only by MPs, but also by the people.”