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Umunna – Trump clear that any trade deal means signing up to US demands

At a Chequers press conference alongside Theresa May today, Donald Trump suggested that a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal would require the UK signing up to US standards on products like farm produce.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“President Trump today made crystal clear that securing a trade deal with the US would mean agreeing to his long and unacceptable list of demands, but he added to the chaos and confusion by saying that Britain should not walk away from a final deal with the EU.

"We know that US negotiators will demand the UK lowers its environmental and food standards and accepts US products like hormone-treated beef, GM crops and chlorinated chicken. We know that Trump wants to secure access for predatory US private health care companies to our NHS. And we know that we will struggle to get a good deal in any negotiation with this protectionist ‘America First’ president.

“The truth is now clear – if a trade deal with Trump ever happened it would not make up for the damage done to our economy by Brexit.

“We need a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal so the public can decide whether the Brexit that is being delivered matches up to what was promised.”