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Umunna – the Brexit elite have flunked it

The British Government and the EU27 continue to inch closer to a ‘deal’ on Brexit, despite the failure of today’s talks.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Every snippet and semi-substantiated rumour that emerges about a prospective ‘deal’ only serves to confirm it will be bad for the British people, for British jobs and nothing like the Brexit which was promised.

“The Brexit elite have decided they can resolve none of the difficult questions and as a result are opting for a blindfold Brexit that will leave us stuck in negotiations and disputes for years to come. They had one job to do – and they said it would be the simplest thing ever: to agree a comprehensive trade deal. It looks very much like they have flunked it.

“Some things are certain though. British taxpayers are being landed with a bill for at least £50 billion and will have no say on how that is spent. British manufacturers are going to be hobbled in their biggest market place and there will be no prospect of signing any of the trade deals the Brexiters promised us. Service industries – which make up 80% of our economy – are getting less than nothing from this deal and are just being cut loose. The issue of the Irish border has still not been fully resolved.

“The more the British people see about this deal, the angrier they will get. Whether people voted leave or remain doesn’t matter any more, because we are all being short changed by this travesty.

“The demand for a People’s Vote as the way to end the mess the Brexit politicians have created will grow ever louder, and that is why we will see the biggest ever Brexit march next Saturday as people from all over the country, from every region and nation and all walks of life come together to demand that they, and not a Westminster elite, are given a democratic final say.”