Umunna – People’s Vote campaign has won early skirmish with the Government - People's Vote

Umunna – People’s Vote campaign has won early skirmish with the Government

The People’s Vote campaign has won an important early skirmish in the coming battle over Brexit by forcing ministers to concede that they will publish a full assessment of the costs of the Government’s plan compared to the deal we already have inside the EU.

Chuka Umunna MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, tabled the amendment to the Government’s Finance Bill and, together with Conservative MP Anna Soubry, gathered a cross-party coalition of support for the measure. It follows a leaked Whitehall document that showed ministers were planning to publish figures only showing the difference between the Government’s proposed deal and a no deal departure.


Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP said:

“This was the first test of strength facing the People’s Vote campaign in Parliament since the Government published their draft deal, and it is one that we in the campaign have won after gaining support from all sides of the House.

“The Government was planning to con the British people. It is vital at this crucial time for our country that MPs and the public know the full facts about the cost of Brexit and how it compares to the deal we already have inside the EU. 

“Brexit is not about a political psychodrama or who is up and who is down in Westminster – or in and out of the Government – it is about the future of our country and our young people in particular. And the People’s Vote campaign is gaining ground all the time.

“Just last week, the Prime Minister admitted that a People’s Vote and ‘no Brexit’ was a realistic outcome of this whole sorry mess. As more and more people see the widening gap between what was promised and what this draft Brexit deal actually delivers – a £50 billion divorce bill for no say in our future – the support for a People’s Vote will grow ever stronger.”