Turley – the public won’t stand for a Westminster stitch-up on Brexit - People's Vote

Turley – the public won’t stand for a Westminster stitch-up on Brexit

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement, Anna Turley MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Theresa May has failed three times to get her Brexit deal through Parliament and force it on the British people. And tonight she has finally begun to face the reality that there must be a longer extension. It is right to look at other forms of Brexit which would off-set at least some of the damage to our economy of her deal.

“But alternative forms of Brexit are still bound to leave millions of voters disappointed or disillusioned because any version of Brexit will break many of the promises made in the last referendum, cause real costs to our economy or to our sovereignty, and continue the chaos of endless negotiations.

“She is now trying to dip Jeremy Corbyn’s hands into the mess of Brexit. But a deal based on a backroom pact between the Government and the Opposition would simply be a stitch-up that left the people behind.

“Any extension to the Brexit deadline and consideration of other forms of Brexit must be inclusive of all those MPs and voters who say a final deal should be signed off by the people.

“The public will not stand for a Westminster stitch-up. Nor will any deal that was cobbled together in a hurry to meet another artificial deadline command a stable majority in either Parliament or the country for long. It would be a bad deal for Britain if it was made in haste for the wrong reasons.”