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Turley – People’s Vote is the only long-term solution to the steel crisis

British Steel – which employs a substantial number of people at Scunthorpe and on Teesside – faces the threat of going into administration.

The company has blamed uncertainty over Brexit for the drying-up of overseas orders and is seeking urgent new funding.


Commenting, Anna Turley, the MP for Redcar, who represents a substantial number of British Steel employees and who is a leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said: 

“My immediate thoughts are with the workforce and their families who are having to live day to day not knowing what is going to happen with their jobs and livelihoods.”


Turning to the wider political context, she added: 

For Nigel Farage Brexit is just another way of sustaining his media career, while for members of the Cabinet it is all about who can win their party’s leadership contest by offering the most extreme form of separation from the EU. But on Teesside and in Lincolnshire and in so many other places a world away from Farage’s rent-free Chelsea pad or the Cabinet’s grace-and favour apartments, Brexit is threatening people’s jobs and futures.

“If British Steel falls into administration we face losing substantial capacity from a strategic industry. Even more importantly, thousands of skilled working people face uncertainty about their future. It is not acceptable for ministers to allow the crisis to go on and on while they fight it out over who gets to be Prime Minister.

“Now that we know that Brexit is threatening our industrial capacity, our skills base and the prosperity of thousands of people it is only fair and democratic that the public decide if they want it to go ahead. With Westminster unable to decide and thousands of jobs threatened by the deadlock, a People’s Vote is the only solution.”