Turley – Johnson’s breach of promise to the DUP shows he will say anything to get what he wants - People's Vote

Turley – Johnson’s breach of promise to the DUP shows he will say anything to get what he wants

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s attempts to get the DUP to agree to his proposals for quitting the EU, Anna Turley MP, leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“Boris Johnson will say or do anything to advance his career, his personal interests or the Brexit project he has promised to deliver for his rich and reckless backers.

Less than a year ago Boris Johnson went to the DUP's conference in Northern Ireland and made a keynote speech denouncing Theresa May's Brexit proposals and saying they would turn Northern Ireland into a colony of the EU. He declared that the idea of an economic border on the Irish Sea could never be acceptable to a government led by his Conservative and Unionist Party.

“Now Johnson, desperate to clear the decks for a cut and run election, plans to establish two economic borders between Great Britain and Northern Ireland: one for customs and one for regulations. He is busily trying to browbeat, cajole and bribe the DUP into accepting something he promised them, in person, he would never allow happen.

“The DUP are not the first to discover that with Johnson there is always a price to pay once the show is over. And, if he gets his way now, it will be a price paid not just in Northern Ireland but across all of the UK which he wants to turn into a deregulated off-shore tax haven ideally suited for the super-wealthy, but a worse place to live for everyone else.

“That is why hundreds of thousands will be marching on the streets of London on Saturday to demand that the people, and not Boris Johnson, have the final say on Brexit. Only a People's Vote offers a democratic and fair way out of the Brexit crisis.”



Notes to editors

Boris Johnson’s pledge to the DUP can be seen here: https://twitter.com/peoplesvote_uk/status/1184357676421177349?s=20