Turley condemns Brexit Secretary’s complacency on No Deal chaos - People's Vote

Turley condemns Brexit Secretary’s complacency on No Deal chaos

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has refused to rule out the prospect of a destructive No Deal exit from the EU leading to a recession and has admitted to Sky News that such a crash out would cause disruption.

Commenting, Anna Turley MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It is outrageous that Steve Barclay can sit in his plush Whitehall office and tell us there will be disruption in the event of a destructive No Deal, as though it was on a par with rain on a school sports day or wasps at a family picnic.

“The livelihoods of millions of people are at stake while the likes of Barclay or the two contenders for the Conservative leadership blithely discuss plans for a destructive No Deal.

“If they allow such an outcome, the economic and social chaos that will follow will be hung round the Conservatives’ necks for a generation to come. Backing No Deal might help win this leadership contest, but it is a simple issue of democracy that the whole country should get a final say on Brexit – not just the 0.25 per cent of the population who are members of the Conservative Party.”


The Brexit Secretary’s interview can be seen here: https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-secretary-stephen-barclay-no-deal-could-mean-a-recession-and-shortages-11756319