Tuesday 7 May 2019 - People's Vote

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Morning Briefing: Final day to register to vote in Euro elections

There was a lot of excitement around over the birth of Harry and Meghan’s royal baby son yesterday – congratulations to them both. But the critical deadline today is the final day for people who haven't yet registered to sign up to vote in the European elections.

Today. Tuesday May 7. Go here to register your vote before it is too late.

Opposition rises on all sides against a stitch-up Brexit deal

The fall-out from last Thursday’s dramatic local elections developed over the Bank Holiday weekend as analysis deepened and reaction got stronger across the political spectrum.

Both the Tories, who lost a staggering 1,300 seats, and Labour got a massive kick in the shins around much of England as voters shifted to back pro-People’s Vote parties such as the Lib Dems and Greens, particularly in previously Leave-voting areas.

But Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn chose to take the view that this meant they “should get on with Brexit” – a position that is receiving massive pushback as politicians understand that a People’s Vote is the only solution to the political crisis.

The Guardian estimates two-thirds of Labour MPs would vote against any deal that didn't include the commitment of a confirmatory public vote, while a People's Vote campaign letter signed by 104 Opposition MPs demanded a new vote for any deal that may be agreed: “Whatever the deal, the people have the right to compare the Brexit facts with the promises made in 2016. They should have the final say on any deal.”

Meanwhile Labour’s Brexit spokesman Matthew Pennycock said it was "self-evident" a May-Corbyn deal, or any Brexit deal, would need to be put to a People’s Vote.

And speaking to the BBC on Sunday, John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, was right to point out that "to get any deal over the line you've got to recognise there are a large number of MPs in Parliament who support a public vote." 

Voters who switched from Labour to Green confirmed that the party’s Brexit stance was a huge issue. University student Jack Hodgkinson told the HuffPost: "I found it very difficult to tick the Labour box this time. They need to back a second referendum but won’t.”

Conservatives face uproar if customs union becomes part of stitch-up deal

While Labour faces its own internal dilemma over its fence-sitting Brexit position, the Conservatives are in perhaps a greater crisis. With rivals now queuing up to replace Prime Minister May, she heads today to meet 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady, while local party activists are pushing for her to go amid the worst local election results for decades. There is now desperation to get a deal done and move on.

The Telegraph reported that Mrs May and her team had been "war-gaming" options including a People's Vote.

But any May-Corbyn deal that involved a customs union (a key Labour demand) would see more than 100 Conservatives from both front and back benches rebel.

A People’s Vote dossier has revealed how more than 100 Tory MPs have outright rejected the option of closer ties with Europe through a customs union, leaving the PM with little chance of seeing any deal get through Parliament and a catastrophic party split more likely.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned last week that such a deal would not be viable and would risk losing more Conservative MPs than gaining Labour MPs, but this morning had softened to call for compromise.

It is clear that only a new vote will resolve the crisis.

Register today to vote in the European elections

If you don’t register, you can’t vote. And today is the final day for you, your friends and family to register to vote on May 23 in the European elections.

No apologies for repeating this. It is vital that people who haven't yet registered to vote  should do so to have their say.

As has been clear from the nuclear political explosion from last week’s local elections, a vote for a party that supports a People’s Vote will have a massive effect on the future of our country.

And it is a huge chance to stop Nigel Farage’s vile Brexit Party from gaining any traction.

Click here to register to vote in the Euro elections. Do it today, it’s your last chance.


It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"I will not pursue any course of action that makes our region even worse off and takes away people's jobs and livelihoods. We must ask again if the country still wants to pursue this knowing all we know now."

Labour MP for Redcar Anna Turley calls for a People's Vote.

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Conservative MP Sam Gyimah rejects the view that local election results lead parties towards doing a Brexit deal.

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