Tuesday 30 July 2019 - People's Vote

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Morning Briefing: Beat the Brexit Party - sign up to be heard!

We’ve been hearing that Brexit Party supporters have been signing up to our headline rally in Birmingham in a desperate bid to stop us from packing it out. They’re scared of the success our nationwide rallies have had – from Sunderland to Uxbridge, Derby to Leeds – in making the case for a People’s Vote.

They can’t stop us from being heard.

That's why we need you to sign up and come along tonight to our rally in the Great Hall in the University of Birmingham with Jess Phillips MP, Lord Heseltine, comedian Mitch Benn and others, all chaired by football commentator Clive Tyldelsey to show the Brexit Party that our voices will be heard.

Local MP Ms Phillips said that what Johnson is planning is "a million miles away from anything that was promised back in 2016 and that is why the Brexit debate has now essentially come down to one question: can he be allowed to get away with forcing his Brexit on Britain without us having any say?"

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Coup by gaslight - the reality of the claims on No Deal

The No Deal fanatics at the heart of government are rewriting history when they claim voters have given democratic assent to their plans.

Careful analysis by the People’s Vote campaign shows that few, if any, of the leading figures of that campaign – many of whom now work at the heart of Boris Johnson’s regime – even mentioned the prospect of leaving the EU without any agreement, never mind asked voters to approve it.

In fact, when the idea was mentioned by Vote Leave it was almost always to rubbish it as a possibility.

The reality is that those same people are now attempting what is little better than a coup against democracy by forcing their plans for No Deal on the country and then falsifying history to claim we’ve signed it off. In effect they are “gaslighting” the whole country.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed yesterday on the BBC’s Today programme that it had been made “clear” during the campaign that the UK should “strive” for a deal but make a success of Brexit if one wasn’t available.

However, the People’s Vote campaign analysis proves the reality is that neither the official Vote Leave campaign or any of its prominent spokespeople – including Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab – promised anything other than a deal with Europe and a continuation of free trade.

Now that almost every key Vote Leave figure, including the director of that campaign, Dominic Cummings, has been recruited to a government preparing to leave the EU with No Deal, it is worth remembering the kind of deal they and other Leave campaigners promised in 2016.

Johnson told the Treasury Committee in May 2016: “My view is that we should get out from under that system and have a free trade arrangement that continued to give access to UK goods and services on the European continent.” In April 2016, Raab himself said: “The idea that Britain would be apocalyptically off the cliff edge if we left the EU is silly.”

There are countless examples of the Vote Leave campaign arguing that the UK would get a great deal from the European Union and the drive for a destructive No Deal has never been voted for by the British people. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Pound slumps as Johnson heads for the back door

The pound sank to a 28-month low yesterday on the back of fears about a destructive No Deal, as business leaders and the respected Institute for Government think tank warned of the dangers ahead for the UK economy.

The slump comes as Johnson and other ministers continue to talk up the Government's willingness to crash out with No Deal. The prime minister yesterday insisted he will not meet with EU leaders until they agree to start work on an entirely new deal that doesn't involve the backstop - a demand he and those around him know won't be met.

Mr Johnson visited Scotland and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon who said he was taking the UK on an “almost inevitable path” to No Deal. The PM who normally seems to love a crowd then ducked out the back door as demonstrators made clear what they think of his policies.

Labour's shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer yesterday warned the civil service that it faces a public inquiry and will be held to account if it fails to sound the alarm over No Deal risks.

Farmers' anger as Johnson goes to Wales

Today the prime minister travels to Wales where he will seek to sell his Brexit plan - if it can be called a plan - to the farming community. It is no exaggeration to say the Welsh agricultural sector could be devastated by No Deal. As well as an end to EU subsidies, farmers would face brutal tariffs that could see beef and lamb exports to Europe fall by 92%, according to a recent study.

The result could be mass slaughters of livestock. Agricultural leaders have warned him to "not play Russian roulette" with the agricultural industry and said farmers are likely to take to the streets with civil disobedience actions in the event of No Deal. Welsh farmer Helen Roberts told the BBC's Today programme this morning that there would be "no future" for farmers reliant on the European market and farmers would take protest action.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford blasted Mr Johnson: "My main message to the Prime Minister remains the same: he has no public mandate for a no-deal Brexit, which would be catastrophic for Wales.”

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“In places like Birmingham the legacy of our economic partnership with the EU can be seen in a thriving and regenerated city centre and the thousands of jobs provided by anchor employers like Jaguar Land Rover, Pirelli and Rolls Royce. 

"Britain’s industrial revival of the 1980s and 1990s, of which I am proud to have played my part, was based on securing this country as a stable and responsible base for manufacturing at the heart of Europe, the world’s largest marketplace.

"I have a message to all my fellow Conservatives: we should stick with our Conservative values and put the national interest first."

Former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine will call for a People's Vote in defiance of Boris Johnson at our Birmingham rally tonight.   

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