Tuesday 16 July 2019 - People's Vote

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Morning Briefing: A destructive No Deal would be a "kamikaze act"

The People's Vote campaign this morning releases an important report that details the impact of the different routes being proposed to deliver Brexit - and concludes that only giving people a final say will end the political stagnation and confusion long-term. Entitled Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out, it calmly examines the ongoing nightmare and proposes a clear route forward to a People's Vote that would bring the conclusion to this never-ending crisis by Spring 2020.

Leaving the EU with a destructive No Deal would be a "kamikaze act"

Leaving the EU with No Deal would be a “kamikaze act’, according to an important study released today by the People’s Vote campaign.

It shows how a series of proposed Brexit outcomes are likely to deepen the crisis and lead to further deadlock.

Joint Political Chairs of the People's Vote campaign Dame Margaret Beckett MP and Dominic Grieve MP will release the report entitled Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out this morning.

Both Conservative leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt last night claimed that the Irish backstop is “dead” as they hardened their positions on Brexit, making No Deal more likely if they continue to pursue this position.

But the in-depth study demonstrates that the only solution to the political crisis is a People’s Vote that gives people the chance to be heard.

All other possible routes out of the crisis – demanding a fresh deal from the EU, tweaking Theresa May’s failed deal, pursuing No Deal or a general election – are doomed to fail, it concludes.

The man poised to become prime minister this time next week would then be forced to suspend parliament, to force through No Deal – but would be toppled immediately afterwards even if he succeeded, it argues.

 The report:

  • Argues that seeking the removal of the backstop – or a time limit – will only serve to run down the clock towards No Deal because the idea “was tested to destruction by Theresa May” and the EU’s view “has not changed”.
  • Warns Boris Johnson against agreeing to a Northern Ireland-only backstop, arguing that there wouldn't be a parliamentary majority for such a deal because of the risks it would pose to the peace process, and that it would likely lead to the collapse of the Government.
  • Points out that trying to force through a tweaked version of the Withdrawal Agreement, with either cosmetic changes to the backstop or a longer transition period, will also fail to secure a majority.
  • Highlights the "enormous risks" for the new prime minister of calling a general election. "Assuming it took place before 20 November, defeat would make them the shortest serving prime minister of the United Kingdom in history, beating the record set when George Canning died in August 1827 after 119 days in office."
  • Shows how proroguing Parliament in order to force through No Deal would make it "inconceivable" that the Government could retain the confidence of the House of Commons, meaning should Boris Johnson attempt this it would be "a kamikaze act".
  • Explains where much of the extra support in Parliament for a People's Vote is likely to come from because "the formation of a new Government may well free up more Conservative MPs to back a People’s Vote”.
  • Sets out a series of procedural devices MPs will be able to use to block No Deal and force a vote on a final say referendum, and warns the new Prime Minister that "Ignoring the clear will of the House of Commons will not be a credible option available to the Government."
  • Explains how a People’s Vote could take place, calling for an "an extension [of Article 50] into the new year, with polling day scheduled for some time in Spring 2020" - adding that unlike any other proposal this "would provide a clear timetable towards a resolution of the Brexit crisis." 

The only mechanism that will resolve the crisis is to hold a People’s Vote – the report explains how it could happen with increased support from a number of Conservative MPs and ensure that a long-term settlement to the Brexit is established.

Dame Margaret will say at today’s launch: “Instead of trying to force Brexit through Parliament and on the country, we believe there is a route to a legitimate and lasting settlement by giving the people the final say.”

Conservative MP and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve will say: “It is extraordinary that any Conservative should be trying to force a destructive Brexit on Britain when it is clear this was not what people voted for. We should not even be thinking about inflicting a No Deal on Britain when this was barely even mentioned in 2016. Nor do I believe any right-thinking Conservative Prime Minister should be risking a General Election which, far from ending the Brexit crisis, will really only deepen it.”

Click here to read and share our report Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out.

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Quote of the Day

"The truth is that, as the UK stumbles towards the new Brexit deadline of October 31, these undeliverable, unattractive or unedifying proposals are making the UK’s position look ever more precarious.

“We are approaching a new cliff-edge of accidentally crashing out of the EU with No Deal. There is only one viable solution and it is also happens to be the most democratic.

“It is a position now supported by every opposition party, including my own, in the House of Commons. It is a practical and democratic solution supported by an increasing number of Conservative MPs too. A People’s Vote is the only way out of this crisis.”

People's Vote campaigner Dame Margaret Beckett will point the way towards a People's Vote at the launch of our report Six Dead Ends, One Cliff-Edge, Only One Way Out.

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