Tuesday 15 October 2019 - People's Vote

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Morning Briefing: Members of the public raise £500,000 for our massive Final Say march

There are four days to our big march on Parliament Square, the chance for everyone to demand a Final Say. Only a People’s Vote can get us out of this mess. And if you are coming to the march or not, show your support with a poster in your window. Click here to download a People’s Vote march poster.

Members of the public raise £500,000 for our massive Final Say march

We are delighted to announce that – thanks to you – we have smashed through our £500,000 crowd-funding target for the Together for the Final Say march taking place on Saturday.

The total has come from 14,331 individual donors with an average donation of £35.32 and the appeal has been active for about two and a half months. This fundraising initiative follows the huge success of our "Let Us Be Heard" summer campaign which saw a series of packed rallies held across the UK, also funded entirely by online donations. Contrary to what you might read in the media, we're not dependent on wealthy benefactors or high value fundraising networks. The People's Vote is powered by people like you.

James McGrory, Executive Director of the People’s Vote campaign, said: “The People’s Vote campaign wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredibly generous donations we receive from our supporters all across the UK. People give whatever they can to the campaign because they believe as strongly as we do that the public must have the final say on Brexit.

“With Brexit reaching a critical stage, and with the terms on offer so different to what was promised, it’s time for a People’s Vote to solve this crisis once and for all. It’s time to march together for the final say.”

Queen's Speech shows that a Johnson's Brexit is a leap into the unknown

The Queen’s Speech yesterday may have been an elongated election manifesto for the Conservative Party rather than a real plan for government, but it did contain a raft of Brexit-related legislation yet to be seen.

It demonstrated perfectly that a Boris Johnson Brexit is a leap into the unknown for the UK and why a People’s Vote is required to enable voters to have the final say.

Proposed legislation ranged from fisheries to agriculture, immigration to aviation, financial services to trade.

Leading People’s Vote supporter Ian Murray MP commented: “The Queen’s Speech shows that backing Boris Johnson’s Brexit means writing the Prime Minister a blank cheque. The list of Brexit-related legislation that was announced, but which we have never seen was enormous. And with Brexit, once we leave there will be no going back.

“That is why it is only fair and democratic that we see all these proposed laws before any irreversible decision is taken and that the people get the final say.”

European leaders warn time is running out for Brexit negotiations

Time is running out for Boris Johnson as discussions over a Brexit deal continue. Finland’s Prime Minister Antii Rinne, whose country holds the EU Council presidency, said there was no “no time” to find an agreement before it meets on Thursday.

Yesterday he warned: "I think there is no time in a practical or legal way to find an agreement before the EU Council meeting.”

Spanish foreign minister Josep Borrell said he believed it may be time to "stop the watch" and take more time to finalise an agreement. "You know, in Europe, we always take decisions on the edge of the precipice, on the edge of the cliff," he said. 

"Even when the last minute comes, then we stop the watch and say that we need technically more time to fulfil all the requirements, all the last-minute requirements."

Delays call into question Johnson’s continued promise of “do or die” exit by October 31. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will update EU27 ministers today on progress.

Parliamentary committees will quiz ministers today on Brexit proposals on Northern Ireland and No Deal readiness, while Bank of England governor Mark Carney will face the scrutiny of the Treasury Committee.

One-third of manufacturing companies set to axe staff after destructive No Deal

A key study of the UK’s manufacturing industry shows that one-third of companies will need to axe staff in the event of a destructive No Deal. The trade body Make UK said that this showed the “potentially catastrophic impact on the sector and jobs” if the UK leaves without a deal.

Their survey released this morning, says two-thirds of firms have been squeezed for profits in the past two years while jobs have also been cut. Nearly half have seen a negative change in EU customer and supplier attitudes towards doing business with them.

Stephen Phipson, Make UK chief executive, said: “We have already seen major companies voting with their feet and taking their planned business operations away from the UK, while many businesses are losing out on new contracts with EU customers.”

The poll comes after the government's own analysis has revealed that any Brexit will hurt the economy. Only a People's Vote can resolve the crisis. Join our march on Saturday and come together for a final say.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"All my colleagues at Westminster, bar a few, knew that Boris Johnson was not a fit person to hold high office. He has taken a sledgehammer to every principle under which UK government is carried out ̶ proroguing Parliament, turning No 10 into what I can only describe as a propaganda machine.

"The right exists in every democracy for people to say they have changed their mind and they want to do something different.

Former Conservative Attorney General and leading People's Vote campaigner Dominic Grieve speaking in St Albans, backs a final say vote to end the "chaos caused by Brexit and Boris Johnson's government".

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