Tuesday 14 August 2018 - People's Vote

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Morning briefing: New poll shows support growing - seeing yellow - BBC ding-dongs

The public back a People’s Vote by two to one, according to a new poll for the Independent: 48% of respondents want a vote on the final Brexit deal, with just 24% opposed. This is even more dramatic than Friday’s poll for the People’s Vote campaign, published on Friday, which also showed strong for a public vote.

Today’s poll of 1,500 people by BMG shows a four-point jump in support for a public vote to accept or reject a Brexit deal, should one be reached, compared to the same poll conducted a month ago. Divisions in the Conservative party around Theresa May’s Chequers plan seem to have taken their toll.

The poll asked how people would vote if offered a three-way choice between the Chequers proposal, remaining in the EU or leaving with no deal. Only 14% said they would back the prime minister’s proposal whereas 43% said they would vote to stay in the EU and 27% said they would prefer to leave with no deal.

The public don’t like the government’s version of Brexit, and the most popular way forward is a People’s Vote on whatever outcome May comes back with.



Video of the day

WATCH: Will Dry is absolutely right to say that the country is uniting behind a People's Vote - the polling is clear, more & more people are demanding a say on the final Brexit Deal.


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Brexiters see yellow

May’s own hardline backbenchers don’t like her Brexit strategy either. Eurosceptic MPs are refusing to distribute a leaflet extolling the supposed virtues of the Chequers proposal, reports The Times. It didn’t help that the literature was printed on yellow paper - a colour associated with the Lib Dems. A Tory Brexiter What’s App group lit up with angry comments. “Who are those leaflets expected to be delivered to? The electorate?” asked Laurence Robertson MP. “They have already given their verdict. Unless the government is secretly planning a second referendum. I think this needs an explanation.” It’s certainly an interesting theory.

Tweet of the day

Over the weekend, sports journalist Will Buxton came out in support of a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. He's right — no-one voted for this mess! 


HealthierIN, a founding member of the People's Vote campaign, is pulling together an open letter from NHS staff making it clear that Brexit is bad for our health. It's really taken off, with around 3,000 signatories so far! Do you know someone who works for the NHS? Ask them to sign the letter here

Rees-Mogg to publish plan for hard-Brexit chaos

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group is planning to publish their own “positive” blueprint for a hard Brexit, according to The Times. They will attempt to extol virtues of falling back on WTO trading rules - more accurately known as no-deal Brexit chaos. There will apparently be an offer of a Canada-style trade deal (also much worse than our current deal with the EU), but only if the EU backs down on Northern Ireland - something unlikely to happen.

Until now, Rees-Mogg has got away with vacuous soundbites like: “We’re heading towards WTO, and that’s nothing to be frightened of.” Once his reckless proposal on paper, it can be taken apart for the nonsensical, country-wrecking plan it is.



BBC to end studio ding-dongs?

The BBC’s new editorial director has questioned whether polarising debates between two opposing sides on an issue is the “most illuminating way of explaining” the topic. At the Edinburgh International Book Festival Kamal Ahmed said that the BBC needed to be very careful about “false equivalence” - the practice of giving equal airtime to marginal views in order to avoid accusations of bias. He said he disagreed with some colleagues who believe that “because we get complaints from both sides then we are doing something right”.

False equivalence has been a big factor in the BBC’s Brexit coverage. The broadcaster has time and again allowed people to come on its programmes without challenging factual inaccuracies and flaws in their arguments. It must change its approach before a People’s Vote.

Video of the day 2

In case you haven't seen them yet - here are the video highlights from our People's Vote rally in Bristol over the weekend. You can sign up to all our future summer rallies and events on the People's Vote website.


Quote of the day

“Our planning was predicated on an 80/20 split between EU and non-EU travellers. Nationally it is looking like 60/40. The fall in the value of the pound makes the UK attractive, particularly for Americans and Canadians.

“This has a massive impact on our ability to process people, as non-EU passengers cannot use e-gates.”

Lucy Moreton, general secretary of the Immigration Service Union, on how Brexit is contributing to waits of up to three hours at UK airports.

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It's this week's edition of the glorious FFS Awards!


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