Thursday 9 August 2018 - People's Vote

Thursday 9 August 2018

Morning briefing: South West backs People's Vote - what a Johnson - Costly del Sol

Voters in the South West are demanding a People’s Vote by a clear margin, a new YouGov poll on behalf of the People’s Vote campaign has revealed. It is the first significant test of public opinion in the region since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Some key findings from the poll of over 1,000 people living in the South West include:

  • Voters wanting a say on any final Brexit deal negotiated by the government by a clear margin of 42% to 35%.
  • If talks break down and the choice is between staying in the EU or no deal, that margin widens to 47% to 27%.
  • Having voted to Leave in 2016, the South West now backs staying in the EU by 51% to 49%.
  • 76% of Labour voters in the region now want to stay in the EU, versus just 24% who still want to leave.
  • Young people in the South West overwhelmingly want to stay in the EU, by a margin of 86% to 14%.

This Saturday, people from across the South West will have a chance to show how they feel about May’s botched Brexit with a day of action across the region and a People’s Vote rally in Bristol.


The People's Vote campaign has also published a dossier today detailing the deep impact either Theresa May’s Chequers plan or a disastrous no-deal Brexit will have on jobs, public services, investment, industries and young people’s futures in the South West. Important findings include:

  • The regional economy is expected to be 2% smaller over the next 12 years if Brexit goes ahead, leaving people an average of £461 a year worse off.
  • The NHS across the South West has lost 745 European-born nurses and midwives since the Brexit referendum.
  • More than £700 million of EU funding for South West businesses and projects is at risk from Brexit.
  • The Cornish pasty, clotted cream and West Country cider are all in danger of losing their protected status and could end up competing in a free for all against false imitations.

These findings will put pressure on the local parties in the region. The views of Labour supporters are clear. But the South West is also a key battleground for the Tories, seen as critical to David Cameron’s election victory in 2015.

This is the first in a series of opinion and information gathering exercises by the People’s Vote campaign in seven different regions. The message is clear: as chaos in Westminster continues, more and more people across the country are demanding a People’s Vote.

Quote of the day

“My own party is in danger of letting down its voters and young people in particular. I urge my colleagues who do not yet support a People’s Vote to study this poll and ask themselves whether they came into politics to stand against the views of our supporters or do they want to join us in the South West in demanding our democratic voice is heard on Brexit.”

Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign


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European Movement are hiring! The organisation, a founding member of People's Vote, is looking for two campaigns officers (one based in Scotland, one in the West Midlands) and an admin officer based in London. Know someone who'd be a perfect fit? Tell them to get in touch!

The BoJo Show is no joke

The Boris Johnson burqa row rages on (it got six front pages this morning). Make no mistake, this isn’t really about burqas. It’s about winning the heart and soul of the Tory party, and Johnson’s bid to lead it. Johnson’s critics and his defenders are conspicuously divided between former Remain voters and Brexit hardliners.

Theresa May’s letter to grassroots Conservatives yesterday, trying to win them round to her Chequers plan, is all part of the same desperate struggle. She’s on the back foot, with many constituency Tory activists admiring the former foreign secretary for his “straight talking”, reports the Guardian.

The Boris Johnson Show is a distraction from Brexit, which already distracts the government from paying attention to vital issues like supporting the NHS, building houses and fighting crime. It’s about time this government started focusing on the people of this country.

Video of the day

WATCH: Keith voted leave in 2016 and is now campaigning for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.


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Holidaying in Brexitland

The pound has slid further still as fears of a no-deal Brexit prompted an across-the-board sell-off in the world’s financial markets. Sterling lost more than half a cent against the dollar, trading below the $1.29 level for the first time since late August 2017.

Holidaymakers will be the immediate victims of the plunging pound. The Guardian reports that the walk-up rate at Forexchange bureaux de change in Cardiff airport yesterday had dropped to just €0.90 to £1 – £200 bought just €177. However, there is one option for the savvy traveller: go to Turkey, where the lira hit an all-time low this week. Perhaps that’s where Boris has gone.

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