Thursday 29 November 2018 - People's Vote

Thursday 29 November 2018

Morning Briefing: Tories lining up to trash deal - McDonnell on the move - Bank blows up May's deal

Conservatives are lining up to trash May’s dodgy Brexit deal. From patriotic pro-Europeans like Jo Johnson, Justine Greening and Michael Heseltine to hardline Brexiters such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jo’s brother, Conservatives from across of the party are lining up to make clear that May’s plan would make the UK poorer and less influential.

In his first major speech since resigning over May’s plan, Jo Johnson is today expected to describe it as “the worst of all worlds”, offering a “double whammy” of “economic harm and the giving up of British sovereignty”.

The only other real option left on the table is a People’s Vote, he will say. It’s the democratic thing to do: “Far from seeking to frustrate the popular will, giving the people the final say would give voice to it at a crucial and fragile time for our democracy”.


It is also, for the Conservatives, the self-interested thing to do. After all, it would butcher the party’s reputation for economic management: “Brexit is seen as a project driven by the Conservative party and this half-baked, worst of all all worlds Brexit could trigger an electoral defeat on the scale of 1997 or worse, with this ‘Tory Brexit’ label an albatross around our necks for years to come.”

Johnson is far from being the only Conservative to criticise the deal. Heseltine described May’s offer as being “built of straw with no clay; generalisation and no substance”, while Jo’s brother Boris believes “it’s very hard to see how this deal can provide certainty to business or anyone else”.

Such is the opposition that Conservative MPs are openly stating that May’s deal cannot survive a meaningful vote. Tory MP Mark Francois said that “the whole House knows the mathematics - this will never get through”.

Regardless of whether it passes or not, it’s clear that both May’s deal and crashing out with no deal would represent a miserable outcome for Britain. The public should have the opportunity to reject either in a People’s Vote.

Quote of the day

“This is the worst of all worlds. There is a natural opportunity, now that the deal is agreed, for us to check that the country wants us to proceed on this basis. Now is the time to ensure we have public support for this major decision in our nation’s history.”

Jo Johnson makes his case for a People’s Vote

Video of the Day

LISTEN: Chancellor Philip Hammond admits that EVERY BREXIT SCENARIO including the government’s own deal - will make Britain poorer.  That wasn’t on the bus. We don’t have to buy this deal though - demand a People’s Vote HERE.

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Labour edge closer to backing People’s Vote

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has made another important shift towards a People’s Vote. His comments remain conditional, but he virtually lined itself up behind a public vote. McDonnell said the Labour party wants “a deal that will protect jobs and the economy”. If it can’t get that, then “we should have a general election” - although he admitted that would be “very difficult”. So, “if that’s not possible, we’ll be calling upon the government then to join us in a public vote”, he concluded.

Government forecasts trash May’s deal

New analysis from the Bank of England and Whitehall show that all forms of Brexit would leave the UK worse off than if it remained within the EU. While no-deal is the worst outcome economically, May’s deal - which mitigates the economic fallout by surrendering sovereignty - still leaves us poorer than our current membership. Given that May’s deal won’t bring back control and won’t stop us losing out, it’s worth asking precisely what benefits it’s supposed to have.

Graphic of the Day

Wes Streeting MP is correct.  What was promised by the brexiteers is not what Brexit is turning out to be.   This is why we need a People’s Vote.

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Car manufacturers crash to earth

UK car production has continued to plummet since the Brexit vote, The Times reports. Output in October has fallen from 155,000 vehicles in 2017 to 140,000 in 2018, with factories cutting hours, staff and output. The chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is in little doubt as to where the blame lies: “There is no doubt that business and consumer uncertainty is having a significant impact... Europe is our largest trading partner and securing the right Brexit agreement which allows free and frictionless trade is vital.” Spoiler alert: that isn’t May’s deal, nor any of the other half-baked Brexit plans floating around out there. The best hope for automotive jobs staying in this country is a People’s Vote.

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Looking forward…

Today, Thursday 29th November

09:30 ONS: Migration stats
09:00 Theresa May gives evidence to the liaison committee
12:00 Speech by former Conservative ministers Jo Johnson, Justine Greening, David Willetts

Tomorrow, Friday 30th November

- G20 Summit in Buenos Aires