Thursday 23 May 2019 - People's Vote

Thursday 23 May 2019

Morning Briefing: Ignore the madness and go out to vote

Today is the day of the European Parliament elections and it is vital that everyone gets out to vote. Vote for a party that supports a People's Vote to get the UK out of the ongoing Brexit nightmare. People's Vote campaigners will be out in force around the country. For more information on local action, check here. Early reports are that turnout at polling stations is brisk.

The end is nigh for Theresa May

When the Tories come for their leader, they do it in some style. Andrea Leadsom had been waiting for three years to make her move. She waited until the night before elections. The 36th ministerial resignation under May, one a month, give or take.

It was less subtle than Brutus in Julius Caesar, indeed much less subtle than Geoffrey Howe in 1990 on Mrs Thatcher. Much more Game of Thrones.

It was a torrid day for the Prime Minister, with Cabinet Ministers lining up to berate her for her final “bold new offer” Withdrawal Agreement Bill. The vision of Theresa May, holed up in Number 10, assailed on all sides will be hard to shake off.

It seemed that all of Mrs May’s colleagues – and new foes – had forgotten that the Conservative Party is likely to get decimated in today’s European elections.

Donald Tusk famously said: “Please don’t waste this time” about the Brexit Halloween extension, but the Conservative Party is going to bounce into yet another leadership contest, rather than fix the crisis that is dramatically destroying industry and companies up and down the country, putting thousands of people out of work, as evidenced by the British Steel collapse. 

The backbench 1922 Committee executive met in private to vote on changing the rules to allow them to remove Mrs May, but held their votes in sealed envelopes. More Cabinet ministers could resign in the next few days, many angry that the Prime Minister's final attempt to get her Withdrawal bill included mentions of a customs union and People's Vote. The PM still intends to take her bill forward, according to No10.

Only a People’s Vote will resolve this misery. Please get out and vote today for a party that supports a new public vote, it's the only way to sort this out.

There are elections going on - get out and vote!

Out in the country, there are elections going on today and everyone needs to get out and vote for a party that supports a People's Vote. Check on the the People's Vote campaign test site to check which party will deliver for your region. 

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is in front of the polls, despite ongoing questions and investigations into the finances of the new party.  The final YouGov poll showed the Brexit Party on 37%, Lib Dems 19%, Labour 13%, Green 12%, Conservatives 7%, Change UK 4%, UKIP 3%, Other 6%.

Conservative MP Sajjad Karim predicted the Conservatives would be "annihilated", commenting:“It was pretty much a case of sending in the foot soldiers and then the generals abandoned the battlefield."

The results of the elections won't come through before 10pm on Sunday evening due to alignment with polls in other EU countries.

British Steel collapse is tip of the iceberg

A People’s Vote campaign study has identified 59 companies who have already announced job losses in whole or part because of Brexit. The total, based on news reports, stands at 24,000 jobs - though this is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.

They range from retailers to travel companies, financial services to manufacturing and include big names such as Thomas Cook, Maplin, Bet365, Monarch Airlines, Tesco and HSBC.

The government is keeping the furnaces burning in Scunthorpe and Teesside as a potential solution is sought to save the British Steel business, including nationalization, but most other companies on the list haven’t been able to avoid losing jobs.

People’s Vote supporter Lord Heseltine questioned how many more economic and industrial hits we are going to take before everyone wakes up to the scale of economic damage that Brexit is already inflicting and how much worse it will get.

Put pressure on your MP to vote for a People's Vote 

The Brexit chaos isn't getting any better and supporters of a People's Vote should keep pressing their MP to adopt the only solution that will resolve it. Use our online tool to write to your MP.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"Now that we know Brexit is weakening our industrial base, threatening jobs and damaging our economy, it is essential we find a solution to the crisis and Westminster gridlock. The only fair and democratic way out of this mess is to let the public have the final say on whether we go ahead in a People’s Vote.”

MP Jo Stevens, the chair of the GMB union parliamentary group comments on the collapse of British Steel.

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