Thursday 13 June 2019 - People's Vote

Thursday 13 June 2019

Morning Briefing: Let Us Be Heard

The People’s Vote campaign today sets out a battle plan for an all-out nationwide offensive through the summer and the autumn ahead of crunch decisions on Brexit that will culminate with one of the biggest demonstrations Britain has seen on October 12

Save the date and join us in London on 12 October

The protests will mobilise all those who feel their voice is being ignored by politicians hell-bent on imposing the hardest possible form of Brexit on the country without the public being given final say.

This will be the most intense and sustained programme of campaigning activity undertaken yet by the campaign - greater even than the campaigning in the Spring that brought 1 million people on to the streets of London. Now a series of rallies and actions, including at the party conferences, will reach every corner of the country before a vast march and rally in London on October 12.

The “Let Us Be Heard” campaign will generate relentless popular political pressure ahead of the crunch decision on Brexit that will decide our country’s future. At its heart of this activity is the recognition it is vital people's voices are heard first in the towns and cities of Britain, including areas that voted Leave in 2016, before the demand for a final say is taken back to Westminster in the autumn.

The protests will begin with a huge rally in Leeds on June 22 – three years almost to the day since the last referendum - before moving to 15 towns and cities including Sunderland, Luton, Newport and Glasgow. The campaign will then head to the Labour and Conservative Party conferences in Manchester and Brighton, before reaching a climax with our fourth People’s Vote march in London on October 12.

Launching Let Us Be Heard Ellie James of youth campaign For Our Future's Sake - and founding member of People's Vote North - said: "Young people and students will be leading the charge. We will be hit the hardest, for the longest by a disastrous No Deal Brexit that no one voted for. We are ready for the fight."

Let Us Be Heard - from your house to the Houses of Parliament

Let Us Be Heard is launched in the wake of the majority of MPs' refusal, yesterday, to stand up to the Government over the threat of a destructive No Deal. 

The Commons vote - a narrow defeat for a proposal that would have seen the Government cede control of Commons' business for a day - would have changed little even if successful: we would still have been at risk of sliding out of the EU without any guarantees for our future trading or security arrangements on October 31.

That is why it is so important that we all raise our voices against a destructive No Deal throughout this summer and then take to the streets on October 12.

David Lammy MP, launching Let Us Be Heard, said: “Over the summer and the autumn, the British people have the chance to force their way back into the decision on Brexit before an outcome is imposed on them that threatens both our future and that of our country. I’ll be taking to the streets with everyone else who feels ignored and cut out of a political process which is involving just a fraction of the people. This summer is our opportunity for our democracy to stir before decisions are made in Parliament. And I’ll be there in London on October 12 for the big one – the march of our lives – when we will say with one voice: Let Us Be Heard.”

Politics for the people - Let Us Be Heard

Conservative MPs vote today in the first round of their leadership contest - which has already turned into an arms  race for who can offer the most extreme and most damaging form of Brexit.

With the ultimate decision on who will lead the party - and then become Prime Minister - in the hands of a membership increasingly dominated by Faragist entryists, the majority of candidates have explicitly backed a destructive No Deal that would leave us trading on WTO terms - the very worst in the world - and without a security deal.

Lord Heseltine, Conservative and former Deputy Prime Minister, launching Let Us Be Heard, said: “I will be urging members and activists across the UK to rise up and join in this summer of campaigning across the UK. Farage has tried to grab the British values of patriotism and democracy – our mass movement will counter this, he does not speak for the people of Britain. By joining together across the UK we will show these values in action as we come together to demand our voice be heard at this crucial juncture in our country’s future.”

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"Let Us Be Heard will show the strength, the scale and the sheer bloody mindedness of our movement. We will not allow a destructive Brexit - deal or No Deal - to be forced on us."

Football legend and People's Vote stalwart Gary Lineker on Let Us Be Heard.

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