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Thomas – Services sector “now making clear their deep concerns” about Brexit

The ESF, a lobby group for the European Services Sector, has today joined the increasing number of businesses and industry sectors warning about the risks of Brexit.

The ESF warned that Europe's services sector could need to extend the 21-month transition window in order to avoid “major disruption” with “the danger of adverse consequences in terms of employment and wealth-creation across the EU.” The EU’s service sector is worth £1.6 trillion.


Commenting, Gareth Thomas MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It's not only the car industry and manufacturing that are warning about the serious risks of Brexit, the services sector is now making clear their deep concerns. As our economy is 80% services, this warning must be heeded and not just fobbed off by ministers as ‘inappropriate’.

“It is time for the Government to stop dismissing business concerns. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are on the line if we get a bad Brexit deal, as now seems inevitable.

“Nobody voted for a Brexit that trashes the key sectors of our economy, whether that be manufacturing or services. If that's what the Brexit terms on offer threaten to do, it only strengthens the argument for a People's Vote on the deal.”



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