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Thomas – “Serious questions still remain” over Government plan on EU settled status

The Government have published their statement of Intent on implementing their settled status scheme for EU citizens in the UK. The document spells out how the Government intends to roll out its new system as well as how EU nationals can apply for settled status in the UK.

Commenting, Gareth Thomas MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“This attempt to bring greater clarity and certainty for EU citizens is to be welcomed, but there is understandable disappointment that EU nationals will be hit with a £65 fee and many will have to post their passports to the Home Office.

“And many serious questions remain. Is this an unconditional, unilateral declaration, or is it contingent on the Government reaching an overall deal with the EU? What happens if there is ‘no deal’, which the Government fought tooth and nail yesterday to keep on the table? Finally, why has it taken the Government almost two years to publish this document, and will the system be ready on time?

“These are people’s lives and children’s futures we are talking about. And the Government’s attempts to use EU nationals as ‘cards’ in the Brexit negotiations, along with the scandal over its ‘hostile environment’ policy towards the Windrush generation, have caused deep upset and anxiety.

“It is right this is now being addressed. But the shambolic state of the negotiations mean that the Government’s ability to deliver anything is currently in doubt. That’s why so many people are demanding a People’s Vote on the final deal, starting with the historic march on Parliament this Saturday.”



Notes to editors

The Government’s statement of Intent on the EU Settled Status scheme can be read here: