Thomas – Fox makes it clear he wants chlorine-washed chicken in the UK - People's Vote

Thomas – Fox makes it clear he wants chlorine-washed chicken in the UK

The International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, today made comments that appear to leave the door open to US agricultural produce being imported into the UK post-Brexit, including chlorine-washed chicken.

Answering a question about chlorine-washed chicken, Mr Fox said: “There’s been no argument about food safety on chlorine-washed chicken – it’s been an argument about animal welfare…So, it’s not been about food standards per se, so that’s a slightly different debate and much more difficult to quantify because the legal definitions about it at the WTO are much less.”


Commenting, Gareth Thomas MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Let's give some credit to Liam Fox - he's made it very clear that if he gets his way on Brexit, he'll be pushing for the UK to adopt US food standards. That means chlorine-washed chicken, hormone-injected beef, milk from infected cow udders and numerous other examples.

“The British public do not want to lower our world-leading food and farming standards for the sake of a quick-and-dirty trade deal with Donald Trump's America, but that's exactly what Liam Fox and the Brexiters in Government are desperate to deliver.

“Now we know that any Brexit deal will likely lead to lower food standards and our farmers being undercut by low-quality American produce, the only way to deliver a stable and lasting settlement to the Brexit question is by letting the public have the final say with a People's Vote.”