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Thirty Days Later – and we are all still waiting on Boris Johnson

Thirty days after Boris Johnson told German chancellor Angela Merkel he was “more than happy” to deliver new Brexit proposals in thirty days, nothing has emerged.

This morning Ireland’s táinaiste Simon Coveney told the BBC that a “dose of reality” was needed over repeated reports in the British media that a deal was imminent – as the British side had yet to come forward with anything concrete.


Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

Thirty days ago, Boris Johnson told Angela Merkel he would deliver new plans for a Brexit deal in thirty days. Now that day has arrived and predictably, we have nothing from Johnson. 

Once again Boris Johnson is revealed as someone who cannot be trusted to tell the truth or deliver on his promises.

It is no wonder that Ireland’s deputy premier Simon Coveney sounded so frustrated this morning. He warned that while he’d seen ‘a lot of commentary  - some of it is spin’ predicting a new deal was imminent, Europe was ‘still waiting for serious proposals from the British government’.

There are only two sorts of Brexit outcome that Boris Johnson is interested in. The first is a deal that would allow him to tear up employment and environmental laws and safety standards. The second is No Deal. Either would be a disaster for millions of working people in Britain and neither have any democratic legitimacy as they are both a million miles away from what was promised in 2016. 

We cannot trust Boris Johnson, but we can and must trust the people to decide what happens with Brexit in a final say referendum. That is the only fair and democratic way out of the crisis and MPs should get on with making it happen.” 



Notes to editors

People’s Vote have released a video today highlighting the broken promise of new proposals inside thirty days – it can be viewed here: