The Kyle-Wilson compromise solution will solve the Brexit crisis - People's Vote

The Kyle-Wilson compromise solution will solve the Brexit crisis

Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson will bring back their double-act this week at Labour conference. On stage at the People’s Vote ‘Trust the People’ rally in Brighton taking place today (Saturday 21 September), they will announce that they are reviving their amendment for a confirmatory referendum if Boris Johnson tries to force through a Brexit deal next month.

When first proposed as an amendment to Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement, it gathered the full support of all opposition parties including the front bench of the Labour Party, as well as from a number of Conservative backbenchers. In the indicative votes process in Parliament, it gained 280 votes – more than any other proposal.

With the Labour Party now promising unequivocal support for a People’s Vote on any Brexit outcome, a new Kyle-Wilson amendment looks increasingly like a viable compromise to break the Brexit deadlock and provide the clarity needed by the whole country.


Peter Kyle MP said:

“Brexit has paralysed our politics for far too long. The best way to solve this crisis is to give the public the final say. That’s why my colleague Phil Wilson and I are announcing that we’re renewing our efforts to secure a Parliamentary majority for the best compromise solution – by which any Brexit outcome is subject to a confirmatory referendum, allowing the people to give their consent to a specific version of Brexit, or instead to decide they’d rather stay in the EU.

“Our proposal secured the most votes of any in the previous indicative votes process in Parliament, whilst falling short of a majority. But the Brexit crisis has moved on since then, and now all opposition parties support a confirmatory referendum as a solution, as do a large and growing number of Conservative and Independent MPs, including several former ministers.

“No one can trust Boris Johnson to solve this Brexit crisis either with No Deal or a Deal. If he tries to force his vision for a destructive Brexit through Parliament, we will make seek to amend it so that it can only proceed if the people get the chance to have the final say.”


Phil Wilson MP said:

“If Boris Johnson is so confident that his version of Brexit is what the people want, he should have the confidence of his convictions and let the people be the ones to decide.

“A confirmatory referendum also has the advantage over other democratic solutions because it would provide a clear answer to the Brexit question. A General Election, for example, runs the risk of confusing the issue further and merely prolonging the crisis. Holding a confirmatory referendum will answer the question once and for all – where do the public want the country to go on Brexit?  

“Once that question is decisively answered, our country can finally move on from Brexit and start to deal with the many other pressing issues we face, like climate change, industrial strategy, education, crime and healthcare. A confirmatory referendum on Brexit is the only way to deliver a lasting and stable conclusion to this crisis, once and for all.”



Notes to editors


This Saturday (21 September), the People’s Vote campaign is holding a march and rally in Brighton ahead of the Labour Party’s conference in the city, calling for politicians to “Trust The People” and give the public a final say referendum on Brexit.  

A range of speakers from across Labour and the wider left, including Shadow Cabinet ministers Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Dawn Butler, will join the march and speak at the rally, at which thousands are expected to attend.  

Speakers on the platform will include:

  • Keir Starmer MP
  • Emily Thornberry MP
  • Ayesha Hazarika - Compere
  • Miriam Mirwitch - Young Labour
  • Phil Wilson MP & Peter Kyle MP
  • Rania Ramli - Labour Students
  • Caroline Lucas MP
  • Paul Mason
  • Love Socialism, Hate Brexit - Clive Lewis MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, Chi Onwurah MP, Dawn Butler MP, Annelise Dodds MP




Saturday 21st September 2019


1300: March scheduled to assemble

1400: March scheduled to start

1500-1515: March scheduled to finish, rally scheduled to start (including speeches)

1600: Rally scheduled to finish



March assembles at The Level
Union Road
Brighton BN1 4ZN

March proceeds through Brighton to Hove Lawns

Full route of the march and the rally location can be seen here: