Swinson – Real agenda of the Brextremists laid bare by IEA - People's Vote

Swinson – Real agenda of the Brextremists laid bare by IEA

The libertarian Institute of Economic Affairs have published their manifesto for a hard Brexit.

Commenting, Jo Swinson MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote, said:

The real agenda of the Brextremists is now laid bare for all to see. They want to use Brexit as an excuse to slash and burn workers’ rights, environmental protections and food safety standards. They want to turn Britain into a bargain-basement economy so the Brexit elite can make a profit and strike grubby deals with the likes of Donald Trump.   

The people of this country have the right to decide for themselves the direction they want to take on Brexit. It is fundamentally undemocratic to deny the people a say on the terms of Brexit, but instead for a Brexit elite to impose a slash-and-burn Brexit that cuts away rights and protections we all hold dear.

“With the negotiations in chaos, and with all the Brexit options looking bad, the best way forward is to let the people decide for themselves the path they want to take through a People’s Vote.”