Swinson – ferry pay-out is a new low for Brexit farce - People's Vote

Swinson – ferry pay-out is a new low for Brexit farce

The Government is to cancel contracts awarded to ferry companies to provide extra capacity in the case of a no deal Brexit. The cancellation is expected to cost tens of millions, perhaps as much as £56 million – money that will be paid to companies not to provide a service. This bill comes on top of £33 million that the Government has had to agree to pay Eurotunnel to settle an earlier legal dispute about how contracts were awarded.

If the spectre of a no deal Brexit rises again the Government would once more be forced to spend taxpayers’ money to mitigate its effects. Meaning ferry and transport companies could be in-line for a third pay out.


Commenting, Jo Swinson MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Hospitals are under more pressure than ever, police numbers have been cut, we have a smaller army than for over two centuries and schools are having to ask parents to pay for textbooks but there seems to be no shortage of money to pay for the Government-made mess of Brexit.

“Paying companies to not provide a service is a new low for the Brexit farce. But the prospect of sinking even lower remains on the horizon. Should a no deal Brexit re-emerge taxpayers will be in the position of forking out for a third time for ferry services they have already paid for and they have paid to stand down. The Government are throwing good money after bad.

We need to end the threat of no deal Brexit once and for all, and with Parliament deadlocked the only way out of this mess is to put a Brexit deal back to the public in a confirmatory referendum. A People’s Vote is the only way forward.”