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Swinson – Chequers is dead: official

Donald Tusk concluded the European Council in Salzburg by saying that Theresa May’s Chequers car crash plan “won’t work” and Emmanuel Macron described British advocates of Brexit as “liars”.

Commenting, Jo Swinson MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote, said:

“Chequers is dead – it is official.

“The EU27 could not be clearer. Chequers is over, whatever Theresa May might suggest.

“Whatever comes out of the negotiations now will inevitably be a very bad deal for Britain.

“Whether it’s some version of the Canadian deal, which means masses of red tape, a blindfold Brexit where we have no clue about where we might end up, or a no deal Brexit with Britain cut off from trade with Europe, we are heading for a very bad deal which will be a million miles from what was promised.

“There is a way out of the mess: a People’s Vote on any Brexit outcome. This week we showed how this could be done and with Chequers finished, it is time that the Government recognised the huge momentum behind this demand.”