Streeting – Time for Corbyn to stop wriggling and start leading - People's Vote

Streeting – Time for Corbyn to stop wriggling and start leading

Jeremy Corbyn has given an interview in which his position on supporting a People’s Vote remains ambiguous. He said “We don’t back a re-run of 2016. That happened. That’s gone. What I do say is that if Parliament cam come to an agreement then it’s reasonable, if Parliament wishes it, there should be a public vote on it. But that is some way off.”

Commenting, Wes Streeting MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn to stop wriggling and start leading. The overwhelming majority of Labour members and Labour voters now know that giving the public the final say on Brexit is the only way to deliver a lasting and stable conclusion to this crisis.

“If the simple fact that continued ambiguity on Brexit is badly damaging our party wasn’t clear enough already, the disastrous results of the European elections for Labour should have rammed it home. Our vote share sunk to historic lows, it was arguably the worst ever election result for the Labour Party in its modern form. And by a margin of more than four to one Labour voters were flocking  to parties that give unequivocal backing for a final say referendum rather than Nigel Farage’s party.

“If we’re going to earn their support again, Jeremy needs to stop triangulating on this issue. He needs to pay more attention to party members and his closest Shadow Cabinet allies. He needs to listen a lot less to the unelected advisers who are damaging our party so much. And he needs to start following conference policy by giving clear and unequivocal backing to a People’s Vote on any form of Brexit that emerges from this tortured process. It’s the only way to start bringing the party and the country back together.”



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