Streeting – Any form of Brexit puts financial stability at risk - People's Vote

Streeting – Any form of Brexit puts financial stability at risk

The Governor of the Bank of England today gave evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee that suggests the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal carried the risk of financial instability.

Mark Carney told the Committee:

“If we were in a circumstance where we had to take rules, where we weren’t at the table, where we had to adjust - not every rule - but on occasion rules which affected the UK system, we would have concerns that we would be taking risk with financial stability in the United Kingdom”

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 Responding Wes Streeting MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote and member of the Treasury Committee, said:

“Any form of Brexit leaves the stability of our financial system at risk. The Governor’s comments this morning make that starkly clear.

“The Prime Minister’s deal will leave us as rule-takers in a half-in, half-out mess that has been drafted to suit party management needs, not the national interest.

“Everything else either leaves us as more of a rule-taker with even less say or leaves us totally exposed as global financial turbulence reaches ever greater heights.

“No Brexit deal gives us what we get with our current deal as EU members – with a voice and a vote on all decisions and access to a huge internal market.

“Now we know the risks and just what is at stake with Brexit it is more essential than ever that the decision is handed back to the people. That’s why so many people will be marching on Parliament on 23 March to demand a People’s Vote.”