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Stevens – UK does not want US’s dirty meat in our supermarkets

US Ambassador Woody Johnson used Radio Four’s Today Programme this morning to promote his attack on UK agriculture and further Donald Trump’s agenda of forcing Britain into a trade deal that would put chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef on British supermarket shelves.

The ambassador stated that the US had the world’s lowest level of food poisoning – a false claim which was not challenged in the interview.                        

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Under Donald Trump the US government excels at two things: telling lies and bullying.

“Both characteristics were on display this morning when Trump’s personal appointment as ambassador to the UK used the BBC to promote his President’s agenda of forcing British consumers to eat chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef.

“The US ambassador must know that his claim that the US has ‘the lowest level’ of food poisoning was utter garbage. In fact, around 3000 Americans die every year as a result of food-borne diseases – 450 from salmonella alone. It is precisely because their animal hygiene standards are so poor that Americans have to wash their chicken carcasses in chlorine.

“We neither need nor want food from the United States’s charnel houses on our shelves. It is not as though the US’s food industry produces such a volume of cheap and healthy food that Americans are better fed – more of their babies are born under-weight and more of their children are obese.

“Opening up our supermarkets to dirty US food is only the thin edge of Trump’s wedge. The real prize for US mega-lobbyists who are funding the campaign to force us into a bad trade deal will be to get their hands on the NHS: forcing us to spend more on drugs we don’t need and asset stripping the NHS in search of profits they can ship overseas.

“Now we know that this is what Brexit will mean – capitulation to Donald Trump and big US corporate interests – it is only right that the people are given the final say on Brexit in a People’s Vote.”