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Stevens – Time to end Brexit delusions with a People’s Vote

Following today’s Cabinet meeting the Prime Minister’s spokesperson has suggested that alternative technology could avoid the need to apply the Irish backstop – something Downing Street had firmly rejected last week.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“After just five days we are back to playing fantasy Brexit to satisfy the delusions of the Cabinet.

“Last week we were told it was the backstop or nothing. Now we are back to pretending there is a magic technology that will make the backstop unnecessary.

“It is ever clearer that there is only one way to end this game playing and get rid of the delusions of the Brexitremists once and for all. We must have a People’s Vote with a choice between staying in the EU and whatever miserable deal Mrs May finally manages to cobble together.

“So long as the Brexit fantasists think they can play their games without facing any public accountability then we will continue to see the Government messing around. Only a People’s Vote offers the prospect of the certainty we need.”