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Stevens – support for a confirmatory referendum is growing

Commenting on today’s debate in the House of Commons on further “indicative votes”, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Given the Government’s abject failure to deliver a Brexit deal that has the support of Parliament and the country, it is right that MPs consider other forms of Brexit. But it is also clear any alternative form of Brexit will break promises made in the referendum and guarantee that chaotic negotiations will continue for years, if not decades, to come.

“That is why support in Parliament is growing for a compromise proposal in which MPs vote through a Brexit deal to avoid the even bigger disaster of a ‘no deal’ crash-out, but on the condition that the people of the UK, and not just MPs, get to vote on it too.

“A confirmatory referendum is not another Brexit option, but a solution to the crisis of gridlock and indecision that the various Brexit options – with their different disappointments and let-downs - have generated.

“If the Commons eventually backs some softer form of Brexit than the Prime Minister’s deal then she or her successor will have to get a longer extension of the Brexit deadline to negotiate changes to the Political Declaration.

“That would mean fighting the European elections. Instead of using these elections as a bogeyman in her increasingly desperate efforts to haul her broken deal over the line, the Prime Minister – and other leaders in Westminster – should instead begin preparing for them to take place.”