Stevens – Reality of ‘blindfold Brexit’ becoming clear - People's Vote

Stevens – Reality of ‘blindfold Brexit’ becoming clear

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has denied reports he told Cabinet ministers that Theresa May must be “removed” so that others could “take over” and renegotiate the Brexit deal.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The reported comments of Geoffrey Cox have revealed the truth about the intentions of the Brexiters in Government who claim to support this deal. They are backing this ‘blindfold Brexit’ deal precisely because they want to tear it up as soon as they have got Brexit over the line.

“The Brexiters are intent on taking us out of the EU with no clarity about the future because they want to deliver a hard and damaging Brexit for which there will never be support in Parliament.

“As soon as they have disposed of Theresa May they will seek a more fundamental break with our biggest trade partner. The next thing to go will be any commitment to maintaining the high labour and environmental standards our current deal as members of the EU guarantees for all of us.

“The Government’s deal will not only see us pay a £50 billion divorce bill in return for giving up our say on the rules in our biggest market, it will open the door to a damaging agenda of deregulation that nobody voted for. That is why we need a People’s Vote.”