Stevens – Liam Fox failure on trade deals a sign of damage Blindfold Brexit will do - People's Vote

Stevens – Liam Fox failure on trade deals a sign of damage Blindfold Brexit will do

Reports today suggest the Department of International Trade will not be able to roll over all existing EU trade deals under any form of Brexit, despite Liam Fox’s promises to the contrary.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, stated:

“The failure of Liam Fox to secure the roll-over of the existing trade deals we have as members of the EU, never mind make any serious progress on new agreements, is another sign that the Government’s Blindfold Brexit threatens to do huge damage to our economy.

“Fox and friends once told us doing these trade deals would be the easiest thing ever and even, 18 months ago, told us they were already all in the bag. But like so many boasts of the Brexit-boys, once the hot air has evaporated we’ve been left with nothing.

“We are set to leave the EU with no clarity on all the big questions, and that includes trade with the 65-plus countries that the EU currently has trade deals with and which we benefit from as full members today.

“It is no wonder so many business leaders are anxious and increasingly angry at the mess Brexit has become. We are due to leave in 50 days and all we can promise is that leaving without knowing where we are going is a recipe for further division. It means the arguments about Brexit will just go on and on.

“Brexit will sap energy, talent and resources for a generation and beyond, preventing our politics from addressing any of the huge challenges – from where new, better, jobs are going to come from, how we give our young people are good start in life with a home of their own, to how we tackle climate change – that face our country today.”