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Stevens – Labour risks catastrophic defeat with pro-Brexit stance

Commenting on the advance extracts of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Brexit on Thursday, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Brexit is the biggest decision, other than questions of war and peace, facing the country not just this year, but for the last fifty years at least.

“The European Union has made it clear, repeatedly, that there is no prospect of a deal that differs, in any substantial form, from that negotiated with Theresa May. Indeed, on 19th December Jeremy Corbyn told the Commons, ‘the EU has been very clear: there are no more negotiations, clarifications or meetings.’

“If we go into a general election on a pro-Brexit Labour platform the result could be an electoral reverse that would rival the historic defeats of 1931 and 1983 in scale and depth. This week, polling from YouGov showed that if Labour are perceived as enabling Brexit, the impact could be catastrophic. There would be absolutely no prospect of us ending austerity and being able to implement our policies.

“Labour’s policy is clear – to press for a general election if Parliament rejects the deal and if that fails to seek a People’s Vote. The time has now come for the leadership to implement that policy so we are unequivocally seen to take the side of the majority of Labour members, voters and the public at large.”