Stevens – Labour moving steadily towards backing a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Stevens – Labour moving steadily towards backing a People’s Vote

Labour shadow minister Steve Reed has today become the latest MP to call for people to take back control of Brexit and decide our country’s future through a People’s Vote, while Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has accepted that it was “difficult” to secure a general election over Brexit and that in those circumstances Parliament would “seek a majority for going for some second referendum”.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Labour has been moving steadily to a position closer to that of its members and voters on Brexit, saying it would campaign for a new public vote. A mere choice between this dodgy Brexit deal and a no deal departure from the EU is no choice at all. Both are a million miles from what was promised two years ago. Nor can Brexit be improved by another round of negotiations because far too many promises were made which simply can’t be kept.

“The public deserve a real choice between leaving the EU on the terms negotiated or sticking with the deal we’ve got inside Europe. It’s very welcome that senior frontbenchers like John McDonnell and Steve Reed are publicly and clearly saying what so many Labour members and voters believe: that the only way to sort out this Brexit mess is to hand the final decision back to the people.”



Notes to editors:

Steve Reed wrote an op-ed for the Evening Standard announcing his support for a People’s Vote, which can be read here.

John McDonnell’s comments can be read here.