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Stevens – Johnson plan to turn away lorries will cost money and jobs

Today’s Financial Times reports that the Government have sought to suppress details of how the ports will operate after a No Deal Brexit.

Claims that queues at the ports will be minimised are only based on the previously unpublished plan to turn away hundreds of thousands of lorries before they get to the ports.


Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

The revelation that the government appear to have fiddled the figures to make the calamity of No Deal look less damaging is another sign of the behaviour which has led to a complete breakdown of trust in Boris Johnson. 

The only hope that Johnson has of meeting his claims about the ports under No Deal is to turn away vast numbers of lorries before they get there. That means lost orders, lost money and eventually lost jobs. 

Even then the queues at Dover could stretch for nearly 100 miles.

“Nobody voted for any of this and trying to force it on the country is deeply undemocratic. Johnson promised us a ‘great deal’ and won the referendum on that basis. Now he wants to abandon every pledge he’s made, suspend Parliament and ram through a vicious No Deal.

The only fair and democratic way out of this crisis is to give the people the final say in a new referendum.”