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Stevens – “Disgrace” to spend £100m on No Deal ad campaign

The Government is reportedly preparing to spend £100 million of taxpayers’ money on a No Deal public information campaign, including billboards, radio and television advertising.

This spending highlights the hypocrisy of complaints Boris Johnson and other Brexiters made during the referendum campaign in 2016, when David Cameron’s Government spent £9 million on leaflets to households setting out the possible risks and consequences of voting to leave the EU.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson and his band of hard line Brexiters once threatened to ‘grind Government to a halt’ because David Cameron was spending public money on leaflets setting out his position on Brexit in the last referendum. Now he’s planning to spend more than 10 times that amount on a £100 million propaganda campaign designed to sell the merits of a destructive No Deal which Johnson never mentioned in the last referendum and he himself said was a ‘million-to-one’ possibility just a few weeks ago.

“We have long since given up on the idea of him telling the truth about anything and his latest double-standards will surprise nobody. What we should expect, however, of any Prime Minister, is respect for the basic rules of democracy. It is a disgrace to impose No Deal on the country when he does not have the consent of the public for it. Only 90,000 people out of a population of over 65 million have voted for Boris Johnson, and yet he’s acting as if that gives him a bank cheque to take us crashing out of the EU without even a basic plan for trade and security.

“He has no democratic mandate for No Deal. He is spending billions of pounds preparing it. And now he wants to spend £100 million of taxpayers money to pull the wool over our eyes about the consequences. The only way to resolve the Brexit crisis and to deliver a legitimate solution is to give the public the final say.”