Stevens – Brexit is not a game, it is destroying jobs - People's Vote

Stevens – Brexit is not a game, it is destroying jobs

Commenting on the announcement that British Steel has gone into administration, Jo Stevens MP, chair of the GMB trade union parliamentary group and leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“My first thoughts are with the thousands of families who now face worry and uncertainty about their jobs and futures. Their skills and commitment and the strategic industry they work in must not be thrown away.

“Brexit has stripped British Steel’s overseas order book down to the bone. As a result four thousand direct jobs and another twenty thousand jobs in the supply chain are under threat. Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson might see this as a game or as part of their media career, but for thousands of working families this is deadly serious. They don’t have the sugar daddies or inherited wealth that the Brexit elite can fall back on.

“Now that we know Brexit is weakening our industrial base, threatening jobs and damaging our economy, it is essential we find a solution to the crisis and Westminster gridlock. The only fair and democratic way out of this mess is to let the public have the final say on whether we go ahead in a People’s Vote.”