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Stevens – billions being spent on ‘no deal’ are being wasted

The Cabinet reportedly authorised additional spending on preparing for a “no deal” Brexit despite the fact that the vast majority of members of the House of Commons have rejected this approach and have the power to stop it.

Commenting, Jo Stevens MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The government is spending billions on no deal preparations in an attempt to scaremonger MPs into backing a deal that is bad for Britain.

“If MPs reject one bad deal, an even larger number of MPs will want to reject ‘no deal’, and they will have numerous opportunities to do that as well as back an alternative. There is no way that we will end up with a no deal Brexit: Parliament is sovereign, and it is MPs – not the executive – who are in charge of this process. These opportunities include amending government motions, amending legislation or forcing votes through other means. 

“Whatever the legal niceties, if MPs tell the Government – through whatever means – that they reject a particular outcome the Government will have to respond. In the circumstances where the Brexit deal has been voted down, no Government is going to defy MPs and force through ‘no deal” – if it tried to do so, it would fall.”



Notes to EditorsThe Government has made a number of announcements that public money will be used for no-deal preparations.

It is reported that the Government is spending an additional £2 billion on no deal planning (The Sun, 18 December 2018, link)

Earlier this year, the Treasury had already allocated £1.5 billion for no deal preparations (The Express, 18 December 2018, link)

In 2017, in response Parliamentary Questions submitted to Departments by Wes Streeting MP, Government ministers referenced £250 million allocated for preparations including no deal (House of Commons, 1 November 2017, link)