Soubry – The problem is not the Prime Minister, the problem is Brexit - People's Vote

Soubry – The problem is not the Prime Minister, the problem is Brexit

The Prime Minister has announced a proposed delay to the Brexit ‘meaningful vote’, which was originally scheduled to happen tomorrow (Tuesday).

Commenting, Anna Soubry MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:  

“The problem is not this Prime Minister - there is no one who can secure a better deal than this one – it’s clear now that the problem is Brexit itself. The only way forward is through a People’s Vote in which MPs decide to stand up for the national interest and give the public the final say.

“This is now officially a failed Brexit process. The Prime Minister has abandoned the most important vote in the House of Commons for a generation because she knows she cannot secure a Parliamentary majority for her proposed Brexit deal.  MPs of all sides recognise nobody voted less trade, fewer opportunities, lower living standards – nobody voted to be poorer and to lose control.

“The strange thing is that anyone still believes a better deal can be achieved when the last two years should have taught us there is no model of Brexit that can fulfil all the promises made in the last referendum or satisfy the expectations created. Any deal will be worse than the deal we’ve already got in Europe.

“Another turn of the wheel or a roll of the dice is pointless. A presentational tweak will fool no one and will merely confirm that this shambolic negotiation goes on for years as successive Prime Ministers go back and forth to Brussels in an never-ending effort to make sense of a withdrawal agreement that makes no sense for Britain.”